Corporate Events, Reunions & Large Private Parties

Unleash Your Inner Party Animal with GameRider NJ!

Are you tired of the same old, stuffy corporate events and family reunions? Ready to flip the script and turn your gatherings into epic adventures that no one will ever forget? Get ready because GameRider NJ is here to take your events to a new level of fun and excitement!

GameRider’s mobile entertainment for parties in North & Central NJ is your secret weapon for injecting pure, unadulterated fun into your gatherings at corporate events, team-building activities, product launches, and family reunions. 

Whether you’re a team looking to bond, a company ready to launch the next big thing, or a family aiming to create memories that will be cherished for generations, we’ve got you covered with our mobile video game truck bursting with entertainment and laughter.

So, hang up your boring suits, dust off those party hats, and dive into the ultimate party experience that GameRider NJ has in store for you!

Corporate Events That Wow

Team Building with a Gaming Twist

Looking for the perfect team-building event that will ignite camaraderie and friendly competition among your colleagues? 

GameRider NJ brings the ultimate team-building challenge to your office parking lot or chosen venue, complete with the best New Jersey video games in our game truck

Our mobile video game truck isn’t just sleek in design; it’s a powerhouse of entertainment that will impress and excite your team. Get ready to unleash their healthy competitive nature as they engage in multiplayer video game battles that promote collaboration and bonding.

Rewarding Your Team in Style

Show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work by treating them to a corporate event like no other. 

Our video game theater is a fantastic entertainment and a unique way to reward your teams. It’s an event they will remember forever, filled with hours of carefree, fantastic fun. 

And the best part? There’s hardly any preparation involved. Book your event, and one of our friendly staff members will arrive on the day, ready to get the good times rolling!

Launching the Next Big Thing

Launching a new product or service? Make it an event to remember by choosing GameRider NJ’s ‘mobile game truck for birthday parties near me.’ 

Our limo-style, climate-controlled gaming theater provides the ultimate setting to announce and launch your “big thing.” 

After the formalities, your customers, guests, and team can immerse themselves in all the gaming fun we offer. It’s a unique way to make your product or service launch successful.

Family Reunions That Spark Joy

The Ultimate Entertainment Add-On

Planning a large family reunion and want to add an element of fun that appeals to all ages? GameRider NJ is here to make your reunion event unforgettable. 

Our mobile video game truck is the ultimate entertainment add-on that will keep family members of all generations engaged and excited. Everyone can enjoy the thrill of video gaming, from the youngest gamers to the young at heart.

Flexible Pricing for Every Occasion

At GameRider NJ, we aim to make mobile entertainment for North & Central NJ parties as memorable as possible. Our pricing is affordable and flexible; 

  • 2-Hour EventEventEvent: $699*
  • 3-Hour EventEventEvent: $849*
  • 4-Hour EventEventEvent: $999*
  • 5-Hour EventEventEvent: $1149*
  • 6-Hour EventEventEvent: $1299*

Additional time can be added at a rate of $150 per hour. However, please remember there might be further costs, such as travel surcharges and interstate toll fees. For detailed information, refer to our Service Area Page.


When planning a corporate event, team-building activity, product launch, or family reunion in North and Central New Jersey, GameRider NJ is your go-to source for mobile entertainment that brings people together in the most fun and exciting way. 

Elevate your gatherings to epic heights with our mobile video game truck that promises hours of carefree, unique fun. 

Contact us today to customize your event. Let us create unforgettable memories that will have your colleagues, customers, and family members talking about it for years. Take advantage of the opportunity to make your next gathering an absolute blast with GameRider NJ!